Princeton Youth Hockey Tryouts

Tryout Fees

Tryout jersey included

  • 8U: $20
  • 10U-12U Co-Ed Youth Team Skater: $150 on or before 3/17/23, $200 after
  • 12U Girls Team Skater: $100*
  • 14U Girls Team Skater: $100*
  • 14U-18U Co-Ed Youth Team Skater: $150 on or before 4/5/23, $200 after
  • 10U-18U, 12U/14U Girls Goalies: FREE

(* All tryout fees are non-refundable except the 12U/14U girls tryout fee will be credited if the player is rostered on both a PYH girls and PYH co-ed team)

2023-24 Tryout Dates

Tryout Registration Notes:

There are separate AA vs A/B groups primarily to reduce the number of players on the ice at one time to make it easier for player evaluation. With only one tryout session, there may be ~60-70 players on the ice at one time.

Players may be moved between groups. So even if a player starts in the AA group, the player could be moved to the A/B group or vice versa. Just because a player registers for one tryout group doesn't mean that they are locked in for that level.


Age Level Date Time Location
12U-Girls 3/20/23 6:45PM-7:45PM Baker Rink
3/21/23 6:00PM-7:00PM Princeton Day School
14U-Girls 4/7/23 6:00PM-7:30PM Baker Rink
4/13/23 6:00PM-7:30PM Baker Rink


Age Level Date Time Location
8U 3/24/23 5:40PM-6:40PM Lawrenceville School
10U-A/B 3/22/23 6:00PM-7:15PM Baker Rink
3/23/23 5:45PM-7:00PM Baker Rink
3/24/23 6:50PM-7:50PM Lawrenceville School
10U-AA 3/22/23 7:25PM-8:40PM Baker Rink
3/23/23 7:10PM-8:25PM Baker Rink
3/24/23 6:50PM-7:50PM Lawrenceville School
12U-A/B 3/22/23 5:30PM-7:00PM Lawrenceville School
3/23/23 5:30PM-7:00PM Lawrenceville School
3/24/23 8:00PM-9:00PM Lawrenceville School
12U-AA 3/22/23 7:10PM-8:40PM Lawrenceville School
3/23/23 7:10PM-8:40PM Lawrenceville School
3/24/23 8:00PM-9:00PM Lawrenceville School
14U-A/B 4/10/23 6:15PM-7:15PM Baker Rink
4/11/23 6:15PM-7:15PM Baker Rink
4/12/23 6:15PM-7:15PM Baker Rink
14U-AA 4/10/23 7:30PM-8:30PM Baker Rink
4/11/23 7:30PM-8:30PM Baker Rink
4/12/23 7:30PM-8:30PM Baker Rink
16U* 4/10/23 6:00PM-8:10PM Lawrenceville School
4/11/23 6:00PM-8:10PM Lawrenceville School
4/12/23 6:00PM-8:10PM Lawrenceville School
18U 4/10/23 8:20PM-9:20PM Lawrenceville School
4/11/23 8:20PM-9:20PM Lawrenceville School
4/12/23 8:20PM-9:20PM Lawrenceville School

* The 16U tryout will be separated into two one-hour sessions. Players will be notified which session they should attend prior to the tryout.

The tryout dates are set by the Atlantic Amateur District Association (AAHA) and apply to all USA Hockey youth programs in the Atlantic District. PYH does not determine the tryout dates nor are we allowed to hold tryout dates prior to these dates.


8U (Mites): As 8U players will develop and grow significantly over the summer, Princeton Youth does not plan to assign individual teams until we enter the Mite Jamboree later in the fall. All 8U players are re-evaluated over the first few weeks of practice.

16U & 18U: Princeton Youth fields "short season" teams which play a condensed schedule due to high school hockey and academic considerations.

Princeton Youth Hockey Girls Teams

Princeton Youth Hockey is excited to offer AAHA Tier 2 sanctioned 12U and 14U Girls travel teams for the 2023-24 season!

  • MAWHA League Games + 1 Girls Team Practice every other week + 1 Girls Tournament
  • Partial season allows the girls to play on both all-girls and co-ed travel teams
  • PYH does not plan to offer a 10U Girls travel team for the 2023-24 season, but 2013 & 2014 birth year players may tryout for the 12U Girls team.

8U Independent Girls Team:

  • PYH plans to have an Independent 8U Girls team that will play a small number of non-league girl’s games and participate in the MAWHA jamboree but is not part of any league. There is no tryout, the 8U Girls Independent team will be open to all girls on a PYH 8U travel team.


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