New Jersey Discount Code

Is my player eligible for the jersey discount code?

Your player is eligible if all of the following conditions are met:

  • Was rostered on a 2023-24 Princeton Jr Tigers travel coed or girls team AND had game jerseys

Your player is NOT eligible if:

  • Rostered on the 2023-24 Tiger Cubs program
  • Rostered on the 2023-24 Nassau program
  • Rostered with Princeton Youth in 2022-23 or before

1 - Log onto the club website

2 - Click "Account"

3 - Click on your player(s) name

4 - On your player's account page, scroll to the bottom of the page.

5A - For Program = "Princeton Junior Tigers" AND Season = "2024-25", click "View Details" link


5B - For Program = "Girls Hockey" AND Season = "2024-25", click "View Details" link

6 - On the player's registration page, scroll to the bottom of the page

7 - The discount code for your player will be in the "UNIFORM CODE" section.

8 - Place order for both Black and White jerseys along with all other additional items.


9 - Enter this code in the "Discount code or gift card" section of the checkout page on the Breakaway website and click Apply button


  • If you have multiple players, please place ONE order with all the jerseys (and any other items) and enter each player discount code so that you don't have to pay shipping multiple times
  • Discount code is unique to each player and can only be used once!

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